When our son Brandon was just four years old, our family friend told us that he was going to do “great things.”

Three years later, he was diagnosed with chronic myelgogenous leukemia (CML) – a form of cancer in which the bone marrow makes too many white blood cells.

We were devastated but continued to believe the encouraging words that were said about our little boy.

After many prayers and community support, we knew the next phase of the Brianna Cooper Heavenly Smiles Foundation was to also reach out and help families dealing with childhood cancer.

We know firsthand the financial burden and emotional drain this news can bring to families having to learn the “new normal” of immediate relatives fighting such a disease.

So, Heavenly Smiles will also exist to assist with the expenses and issues that families face after similar diagnoses. In this way, Brandon’s struggle and story will indeed be used for the “great things” he was destined to bring to others.

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